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Perfect Touch: A Novel
Elizabeth Lowell
By the Horns (Chinese Zodiac Romance Series Book 2)
Rachael Slate, AJ Nuest, Kelley Heckart
Dangerous Passions: 12 Tales of Contemporary Sexy Hot Alpha Heroes - Cops, Navy SEALs, Marines, Military, FBI Agents, Secret Agents, Police Captains, Spies, and More
Elle Kennedy, Opal Carew, J.M. Madden, Karen Fenech, Gennita Low, Dana Marton, Kylie Brant, Nina Bruhns, Caridad PiƱeiro, Elle James, Julie Miller, Linda Winstead Jones
Purely Professional - Elia Winters

Short, erotic and a perfect afternoon read. I loved the flirting between Bridget and Max before they start on their "professional" relationship. Their chemistry gets even better once they enter into a D/s relationship. The story is very sensual with light BDSM elements as Bridget is being introduced into the lifestyle. I hope we get to read more about this couple and how their relationship progresses.

4.5 stars

Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review.